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Reviews & Testimonials

Would you like to know what our patients think of the treatment we provide? Here are some reviews and testimonials from our physiotherapy patients past and present:
“I’ve suffered back and hip issues for a number of years now and have osteoarthritis in my sacro-iliac joints and upper spine, with osteophytes that pinch nerves and cause a significant amount of discomfort. After being told that there is very little that can be done in terms of surgery, I was advised to seek help from a physiotherapist, which is where David Bolwell comes in. David treats me with physio, essentially moving my spine manually every couple of weeks, which has re-mobilised me, allowing me to get back into golf, and generally live a less restricted life. I would most definitely recommend his services if you’re suffering with any kind of back pain.”
“Fixed my lower back pain! - I had incredible lower back pain for a number of weeks that a chiropractor and multiple massages just couldn't fix. I had about 4 - 5 sessions with David and he managed to manipulate one of the discs in my back and gave me some stretches/exercises to perform. Worked a treat! I'm now back in the gym working out, running and even standing up without pain again. Would definitely recommend.”
“I was referred to David for treatment of a problem with my knee. He quickly identified the problem and after a few sessions and regular exercises I’m pleased that my knee ache and pain has gone. I highly recommend him.”
“I highly recommend David. Have had several physio sessions to treat me after a recent accident at the Lansdowne Surgery in Cardiff.”
“Received treatment for whiplash after a car accident, David made a huge difference after 3 sessions. David is a very professional and dedicated physio who has a gentle but effective manner, I would highly recommend him.”
“Suffered lower back problem with lot of daily pain. Attended physio with David Bolwell for 5 sessions and found a huge difference. Feeling much better. Would highly recommend.”
“After being in a car accident 2 years ago and having severely limited range of movement and daily pain, a couple sessions with David and I'm better than ever, no more painkillers and ice packs as a result and I couldn't recommend David more. 5/5 stars at least.”
“Amazing treatment after a motorbike crash.

The treatment is on going but amazing results so far.

Very polite gentleman and very professional.

Would not go any where else now we have found somebody who can make a diffrence.”
“Shoulder issue sorted within a few sessions with acupuncture. David is very professional but easy to talk to and didn’t drag out my therapy over months. Thanks very much!!!”
“Ive been suffering for years with neck and arm issues but after only a few sessions of physio and acupuncture I feel so much better already. I’d highly recommend David bolwell physiotherapy! Thanks David!! See you soon :)”<
“I've had a few physiotherapy sessions with David over the last few weeks and I have always found David to be friendly and welcoming.

David has explained my injury to me, why I'm in pain and what the exercises are for so that I have a complete understanding.

I have seen a big improvement over a short space of time since visiting David and as a result of following his advice.

I would highly recommend David if you are looking for a physiotherapist, the only downside is the lack of parking facilities at or near lansdowne surgery.”
“Having been involved in a car crash in January 2015 I continued to suffer with neck pain which just wasn't resolving. I was then seen by David Bolwell and found his physiotherapy treatment to be really effective from the very first appointment. I continued to improve which was such a relief. As a part time NHS physiotherapist myself and co owner of an outdoor adventure business, my pain was impacting many aspects of my life and David Bolwell's intervention has been invaluable. I have and will continue, to highly recommend David Bolwell Physiotherapy Services”
“I started going to have acupuncture with David after I was recommended to go and see him by a friend. I have suffered with severe migraines for many years, and they have been getting worse where I was having 2-3 a week. I have tried many different treatments over the years to try and improve my migraines but nothing ever worked. Therefore I couldn't believe that after only having 2 sessions my migraines had improved.

Since starting the treatment I have only had 2 migraines which have really improved my well being and family life, as my migraines were stopping me from going to work and enjoying my days off with my family.

I would highly recommend David Bolwell Physiotherapy as he has really improved my life and he provides a very professional and friendly service.”
“After seeing a consultant for a bad back it was recommended to me that I have an operation, I started receiving treatment from David and have not looked back since. I go to him once a month and have recommended him to friends and family, he has given me a new lease of life”
“I cannot thank David Bolwell enough for his expert physiotherapy support and care that he provided me for rehabilitation after a Complete knee replacement. David walked me through each step, providing clear instructions on exercises. David showed me great patience and encouragement which was essential in such a lengthy rehab process and I left each appointment with an accurate marker of my progress and the motivation to achieve the next target.”
“After experiencing a problem with my lower back over a few months that impacted on my job and my ability to undertake day to day activities you take for granted like putting on socks a colleague recommended I make an appointment with David as she had found him extremely helpful. I have been seeing David for a few weeks now and the change has been amazing I am nearly pain free and my mobility has improved so much. After such a great experience I am now asking David to help with the issues I have with my knees as I have full confidence that David will be able to help me once again. It is early days but already my flexibility in my knee feels more fluid. I cannot recommend David highly enough as he has made such a difference to me especially since prior to this my only relief came from stronger and stronger pain medication.”
“Having suffered with severe back pain I was eventually sent to a consultant who diagnosed arthritis in my facet joint. There was little they could do. I was directed to David Bolwell for which I am eternally grateful. He has treated me with both physiotherapy and acupuncture which have revolutionised my life. I have no hesitation in recommending him and have actually done so with my friends and family. Appointments are always easy to obtain and the treatment is made all the more pleasurable by his pleasant and professional personality.”
“Last year I was recommended to use David following a bout of sciatica that was so severe I was hospitalised. David worked miracles and I am now completely pain free and able to live a normal active life again. He is not pushy, is extremely caring and takes times to explain what the procedures are. I would happily recommend him to anyone who has any back or sports injuries. Thank you for giving my life back.”
“I went to see David in December ’15 after being involved in a car accident. I had already been suffering with pain in my arm from a trapped nerve but after the accident it became much worse. I was taking strong painkillers, was unable to sleep and driving was becoming extremely painful.

David showed me some exercises I could do and then suggested a course of acupuncture. I was very sceptical at first but was willing to try anything to ease the pain in my arm as it was becoming almost unbearable.

The acupuncture itself didn’t hurt at all and after a few weeks of weekly ½ hour sessions I began to feel some improvement. As the treatment continued, the pain in my arm lessoned until I became completely pain free. I’ve gone from taking painkillers throughout the day and night to needing no pain relief at all. I don’t know how it works, just that it has and I’m so grateful that I’m no longer in constant pain.

David’s knowledge and expertise has worked wonders for me and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone needing physiotherapy treatment.”
All of our physiotherapists hold BSc (Hons) degrees and have undertaken extensive postgraduate training in advanced physiotherapy techniques. Book an appointment now >
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