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Muscle & Ligament Injuries involve at least one of the following:

  • Muscle strain occurring when the muscle is overstretched, overloaded, or fatigued. This can result in muscle fibres being torn.
  • The tendons that attach muscles to bones becoming strained in the same way as a muscle.
  • Ligaments that support a joint becoming sprained due to a rapid movement that takes the joint beyond its normal range of movement (for example, going over on your ankle, or your knee being pushed too far during a tackle).

Signs & Symptoms of Muscle Injury

  • A direct blow (such as a kick) to soft tissue will result in bruising However, depending on the depth of the injured tissue, the discolouration that’s normally associated with bruising may not be immediately apparent.
  • Other initial symptoms of a muscle/ligament injury may include stiffness, pain and swelling. Again, depending on the site of the injury, swelling may not be obvious at first.
  • Pain on movement is a common initial symptom of a muscle strain. If the muscle is completely torn then any attempt to move it will be severely compromised. Swelling and bruising will also occur due to the damage of local capillaries; the swelling may cause the muscle to stiffen or even go into protective spasm.
  • A ligament sprain will cause immediate pain and rapid swelling around the affected joint. Pain is likely to be increased by weight bearing or any movement of the joint. There may also be discolouring / brusing.

Treatment for Muscle & Ligament Injuries

With acute injuries such as these, it’s extremely important to seek advice as soon as possible. Discomfort is generally eased by rest; however, you may experience aching if the muscle is kept immobile for too long. In the first 48 to 72 hours you should follow RICE.

Your physiotherapist will be able to assess the severity of the injury and advise you on the best course of treatment – contact us today for guidance

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“After experiencing a problem with my lower back over a few months that impacted on my job and my ability to undertake day to day activities you take for granted like putting on socks a colleague recommended I make an appointment with David as she had found him extremely helpful. I have been seeing David for a few weeks now and the change has been amazing I am nearly pain free and my mobility has improved so much. After such a great experience I am now asking David to help with the issues I have with my knees as I have full confidence that David will be able to help me once again. It is early days but already my flexibility in my knee feels more fluid. I cannot recommend David highly enough as he has made such a difference to me especially since prior to this my only relief came from stronger and stronger pain medication.”
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