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The first aim of our physiotherapy intervention is to help manage these symptoms.

How can physiotherapy help after an operation or fracture?

The specialised intervention that we provide post-surgery (or post-fracture) will help to:
  • Promote healing
  • Maintain movement of the surrounding joints
  • Maintain muscle strength
  • Prevent compensatory movement and postures

When should I begin physiotherapy?

It’s important to start physiotherapy immediately after surgery, or once a fracture has been ‘reduced’ (i.e. when the bones are realigned and stabilised).

After surgery, or once your fracture has united, our physiotherapy team will devise a programme that’s designed to progress your rehabilitation appropriately. This programme will be specific to you – some individuals will progress quickly, while others may need to be encouraged not to overdo it!

Your post-surgery / fracture physiotherapy programme will:
  • Address any ongoing pain or swelling
  • Restore joint movement and flexibility
  • Restore muscle strength
  • Improve proprioception / coordination
  • Address obstacles preventing you from returning to everyday activities
  • Include sport-specific drills / exercises
Early intervention by our physiotherapy team will maximise your rehabilitation potential and ensure that you can return to your usual activities as swiftly as possible.

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What our patients say

“I cannot thank David Bolwell enough for his expert physiotherapy support and care that he provided me for rehabilitation after a Complete knee replacement. David walked me through each step, providing clear instructions on exercises. David showed me great patience and encouragement which was essential in such a lengthy rehab process and I left each appointment with an accurate marker of my progress and the motivation to achieve the next target.”
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