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Persistent headaches can also cause anxiety and worry, even impacting one’s confidence and self-esteem.

If you are experiencing a persistent headache that’s not responding to painkillers, you should first see your GP.

Types of headache

Headaches can be caused by numerous factors, but most can be sorted into the following categories:
  • Cervicogenic / Tension Headaches – Pain is felt on one side of the head (or sometimes both sides), radiating from the back of the skull to just above the eyes. The pain is often described as a dull throbbing sensation, or as band of tightness. These headaches are either causes by tension in the neck muscles or stiffness in the joints of the neck.
  • Cluster Headaches – This type of headache tends to run in one’s family. Pain can be excruciating, felt over one eye or temple. Cluster headaches tend to be episodic, and the sufferer will commonly experience several episodes lasting minutes or hours. Afterwards, they may be pain-free for several months before another headache occurs. Cluster headaches can also cause nasal congestion and eye swelling / watering.
  • Migraines – Migraine sufferers frequently experience their first attacks during adolescence. They are more common in women but can affect men too. Migraines often occur pre- or post-menstruation; they can also be triggered by sensitivity to food, smells, light, or even fluctuations in the weather. Migraine sufferers report that, along with the pain, they can feel nauseous, lethargic and/or irritable during an attack.

Physiotherapy for headaches

Physiotherapy may not be the first consideration for a headache sufferer. However, by using acupuncture along with certain physiotherapy techniques to address tension headaches we can often reduce the pain and manage the symptoms of all three headache types.

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What our patients say

“I started going to have acupuncture with David after I was recommended to go and see him by a friend. I have suffered with severe migraines for many years, and they have been getting worse where I was having 2-3 a week. I have tried many different treatments over the years to try and improve my migraines but nothing ever worked. Therefore I couldn't believe that after only having 2 sessions my migraines had improved.

Since starting the treatment I have only had 2 migraines which have really improved my well being and family life, as my migraines were stopping me from going to work and enjoying my days off with my family.
I would highly recommend David Bolwell Physiotherapy as he has really improved my life and he provides a very professional and friendly service.”
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