David Bolwell Physiotherapy Services

This programme will be specific to you as some individuals can progress quicker than others, whilst some need to be encouraged not to overdo it!

Your rehabilitation programme will:
  • Address any ongoing pain or swelling
  • Restore joint movement and flexibility
  • Regain muscle strength
  • Improve proprioception / coordination
  • Address obstacles preventing you from returning to everyday activities
  • Include sports specific drills / exercises
Early intervention by our physiotherapy team will ensure that you maximise your rehabilitation potential and return to daily activities or sport as swiftly as possible.

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Clinic Opening Times

08:00AM - 07:30PM
08:00AM - 07:30PM
08:00AM - 07:30PM
08:00AM - 07:30PM
08:00AM - 05:00PM
*Whitchurch open for sports massage only from 08:00 - 12:00
Our Post Surgery & Injury Rehabilitation Pricing / Rates
Initial Consultation
1/2 hour
Follow-Up Consultations
1/2 hour

What our patients say

“I cannot thank David Bolwell enough for his expert physiotherapy support and care that he provided me for rehabilitation after a Complete knee replacement. David walked me through each step, providing clear instructions on exercises. David showed me great patience and encouragement which was essential in such a lengthy rehab process and I left each appointment with an accurate marker of my progress and the motivation to achieve the next target.”
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