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Sports massage aims to ease the stress and tension that builds up in the body’s soft tissues during sporting and everyday activities.

This is achieved by breaking down muscle lesions that form at the site of an injury or due to sustained/repetitive postures.

Regular sports massage can maintain and often improve range of motion and flexibility in the muscles to help prevent niggling injuries that often affect performance at all levels of competition. It has also been recognised that sports massage can aid the healing process of both acute and chronic injuries.

You do not have to participate in sport to benefit from sports massage. Anyone who is experiencing muscle aches due to sustained or repetitive movements can benefit from sports massage, which targets tension that is often held deep in the postural muscles.

Techniques used within sports massage are similar to other forms of massage, such as effleurage (where long, deep strokes are applied over an area to heat up muscles and get rid of unwanted toxins) and petrissage (where muscles are mobilised and deeper pressure is applied to lessen tension). Despite sports massage using techniques like these which are used in other massage treatments, it is still a very unique practice as it applies these techniques very deep inside the muscles, resulting in less pressure on joints and decreasing pain in that area.

Sports massage also includes stretches that are not usually found within other massage treatments. These stretching exercises are used to expand short, tense muscles, and they may be applied in a number of ways depending on the problem.

*only available at Whitchurch clinic

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What our patients say

“Last year I was recommended to use David following a bout of sciatica that was so severe I was hospitalised. David worked miracles and I am now completely pain free and able to live a normal active life again. He is not pushy, is extremely caring and takes times to explain what the procedures are. I would happily recommend him to anyone who has any back or sports injuries. Thank you for giving my life back.”
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